Compilation of the Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour
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Anyone attempting to compile a Great War Roll of Honour, whether during the War itself or retrospectively, faces the difficult task of identifying all those who should be considered for inclusion in the list and then making decisions as to those who should qualify and those who should be omitted.

There are obvious names such as the men who were born and lived in the community, but what of those who had moved away but whose parents still dwelt in the community, or those who worked in the area but who resided outside the parish boundary? It is particularly difficult for a community like Matlock Bath where lives overlapped so much with the neighbouring communities of Cromford, Scarthin, Matlock, Starkholmes and even Bonsall and Wirksworth.

The information on The Roll of Honour is taken from The Bath at War by Charles Beresford and the author would be pleased to hear of any suggested additions or amendments which can be emailed to or may be left for his attention at The Peak Mining Museum in the Grand Pavilion.